GenYDE platform has been used in variety of applications until now. These applications span multiple domains and are used in multiple geographies. There are a plethora of applications which are currently being developed by Synthagile and its partners on this platform.

Here we are bringing in some of the prominent cases where GenYDE brought in an alternative line of thought and where GenYDE helped OpenSource tools to take inroads to question the dominance of Proprietary software.

When listing the case studies we have purposefully ignored the real names of the products as we are under NDA from a few of our partners.

Data Analytics System for a solar power start up:

One of our customers, creates software solutions for solar power companies. Their company collects huge amount of data per customer, per day, pertaining to solar power generated by panels. The requirement was for the data to be collected, analyzed, and presented in simple visual displays.

We created a cutting edge Data Analytics and Reporting Solution for the company using GenYDE’s underlying components like Saiku, Pentaho, and Jasper Reports.

This solution was completed in 2 weeks from requirements to implementation and at a much lower cost than what the customer had budgeted for.

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HR Information and Analytics System:

A company from the HR Management and Consultancy domain had approached Synthagile with the requirement of integrating its enterprise operations into a single unit. Our process consultants set to work and created a streamlined process which helped the company to consolidate its operations into a single paperless solution. Our architects and development team converted this process into a reliable and robust programmatic solution using tools like Odoo, Drools, Jasper Reports, Activiti, etc. The solution provided to this company can also be implemented for any other company, irrespective of  its size.

This solution currently supports 90 companies and covers about 10,000 employees.

Requirements Simulation System:

The Requirements Simulation System that we provided to one of our customers is a classic case where GenYDE helped advanced technologies reach some unexplored areas.

BPM is popular among large enterprises to automate workflows and business rules within their business processes. The proprietary tools available in the market takes experienced consultants to implement, apart from being expensive. Hence in program management and program simulation world, the application of these tools was unexplored.

With GenYDE, we got an open source workflow engine, an open source business rules engine and an open source form builder together to form the required Requirement Simulator. This simulator is developed so as to eliminate the need for several deliberations and every stakeholder was brought on the same page.

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QRDA quality measure system:

One of our customer’s major requirement was to implement a quality measure reporting system so they could comply with HL7 QRDA (quality reporting document architecture). This is a standard set forth by the US Government for quality control of health care providers. The US Government had already provided an open source based tool for implementing this standard, but several companies had failed at integrating this tool into one end-to-end solution. Synthagile, with its experienced SMEs created the needed interfaces and successfully integrated this open source tool and GEnYDE.

The resulting solution is a single software system which performs not only the mandated quality measures but also analytics, reporting, and verification methodologies.

The above listed case studies are some of the many cases where GenYDE  has made a visible difference compared to similar products in the market. GenYDE ‘s structure has been developed with future centric vision which makes it suitable to be used in any kind of complex situation and come out with simple solution.